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This programme has been designed by our GSKI team to give individuals an opportunity to gain experience as they serve at 'St Lewis Bertrand's High School in Blaauwbosch, Newcastle' for 6-12 months through our Daddy, Please Come Home project.Our overall vision is to equip the next generation of leaders with the right tools and skills for Nation building as they transition from high school to college/ university and the workplace. We focus on the following pillars as a framework for holistic development :


1.The Blessing (Empowerment to prosper)

2. Wholeness  (Wellness)

3. Leadership (Calling & Destiny)

4. Legacy ( Inheritance)

We also provide a platform where businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and professionals can be given an opportunity to go to a different city, region, and country to serve as volunteers. They will also get an opportunity to be mentored, coached and trained to effectively bring transformation in their families and communities. We have realized that our education system does not equip anyone for 'Healthy relationships, Parenting, Making Quality Decisions in Life and Financial Literacy'. During these 12 months, we ensure that our Gap Year candidates are fully equipped in all those areas. 

We are committed to training you in basic family, ministry skills, leadership development as well as business skills in order to be as effective as possible in your internship role. At the end of your intern year, you will be given an opportunity to decide whether you would like to join us to serve in other different roles and capacities within the organization.

  • Meet consistently with a trainer/coach for development

  • Spend a minimum of 24 hours a month in a specific project (depending on your particular interest and skill)

  • Participate in our “Daddy is Home Education programmes”

  • Serve on a team

  • Participate in conferences & other events

  • Initiate developing your own mentoring group

  • Heart for God and people

  • Heart to serve

  • Peer Reference

  • Signed Daddy is Home Education“Statement of Faith”

  • Willingness to sacrifice for our major events & programs

  • Emotional maturity

  • Social maturity

  • Single or married w / o children

  • Openness to serve anywhere (we will do our best to accommodate your preference)

For more information and registration forms: Email us on Please also submit your CV, References and motivation to

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