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Project 26/7/8 

My life was significantly impacted after I launched my recent book titled 'Daddy Please Come Home'. Coming back home and getting involved with my family made me connect with some of my long lost passion and hobbies. One of them was soccer. When I was young I played for Arcadia Shepherd Football Academy and was exposed to a lot of experience in soccer. Writing this book became one of the transformational moments. I reconnected with my soccer passion and started coaching the under U-5/7/10/13/15/ 17 and 19 teams for different soccer schools and communities.  All of this was not just about teaching kid’s and youth soccer. My philosophy has always been “I coach these young stars not only to win games but to also win in their lives on and off the field”. 

These lessons have not only been meaningful for me, but also for my team, other coaches, other players at these clubs and communities. I also believe that the next family revival and reformation will happen in the sports fields of this nation. That is where training, discipline, character development, and parenting is happening. So we have decided to spend most of our time there preparing our young people for life battles and wars using soccer as a tool.

It’s comforting to know that all across this world, in villages and cities, people speak different languages and follow different religions –However, we see them appreciate the power of sport to transform lives. We see people who innately put others first and who find their lives work in helping others. People who find joy and energy in giving of themselves to lift people up and enrich other’s lives.


As Daddy's Home Education Team we recently launched a project called  Project 26/7/8 with these simple objectives:

- 'Reach, Equip, Empower and Release' these young men in prison by using soccer as an educational tool

- Distribute 2678 copies of 'Daddy please come home book' every quarter to inmates and ex offenders.

- Provide Mentors and development structures for these young men to become who God has designed them to be.

- Provide reintegration programmes for these young men after they are released from prison.

- Set up a Fund that will support their entrepreneurial initiatives so that they can work with their hands.

If you would like to partner with this project either as a sponsor/ donor or even as a short term investor for our books production and distribution , kindly contact us on or by just completing the form below:

Thanks! Message sent.

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