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End User Computer Support for  Family Businesses & SMME's 

End user computer support specialists perform an integral role for computer software development firms, network systems vendors, software training companies, software and hardware manufacturers. They are the first line of help when customers encounter problems or defects with products and programs. They answer telephone inquiries, respond to emails and perform in-person support sessions. End user support specialists need a combination of technical and interpersonal attributes. Good judgement, clear communication skills and the ability to help others are integral qualities.

They diagnose computer hardware, network systems and computer software programs accurately and quickly. They use good judgment to determine if they can assist the customer immediately or need to escalate the issue to an appropriate colleague or team members. They walk customers through problems, train them to install software packages and respond to questions about network systems. They also handle printing queries, hardware questions and report bugs users find in software programs.

Service Desk

At the core of our support system is the service desk, which works to receive, assist, manage and route all calls to our field engineers. These engineers then provide the necessary support and maintenance required, with regular feedback to the customer of course. Every call is tracked until resolved, whether linked to a customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Time & Material based.

Thanks to our centralised service desk we are able to provide remote and on-site ICT support to customers throughout South Africa. From on-site and/or remote support to monthly call reports and end-user support, we ensure that you receive an awesome ICT service experience.

On-Site Support

Are you struggling with ICT in your family business ?


Not to worry, we provide on-site, end-user support to a wide range of SMME's.  Our skilled team members are here to help you identify, understand and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


Contact us today for  tailor-made solution for your business.

Image by Christopher Gower
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