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Building an online family business.

We are committed to helping you tell your story online, and to rapidly build your personal and business brand online to effectively market your products and services using social media, digital and Internet/ google marketing.

What is Internet / Google Marketing?

“Internet marketing is a process of selling or marketing a company’s products or services over the internet to a global audience. Internet marketing also knows as online-marketing or normally call as e-Marketing. The scope of the internet marketing is considered very broad because the internet marketing not only refers to the transaction or trading over the internet, e-mail, and wireless media, but it includes management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems. Therefore, internet marketing not only works closely with the online transaction or trading, but it is also tied together with the creative and technical aspects such as the webpage design, webpage development, promoting and advertising, and sales” -Article Source: EzineArticles





This hosting service is different from the normal hosting services because it gives you unlimited space in Gigabytes as well as unlimited e-mail accounts and bandwidth (Traffic). This means that you will have enough space no matter how big your website is or how much information you need to e-mail or to have on your website. Plus we also maintain your servers and you also have access to 24/7 technical support at no additional costs.


Whether you need a new website or just an improvement to your existing website, This service will cater for your need. You get a web design with unlimited pages, Subscription scripts, Standard Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Mobile Device Optimization (MDO), Free updates(If hosted with us), Latest Technology, Social Network Integration, Stunning galleries and more.


This service is suitable for clients who are willing to reach out to both existing and new clients on the Internet. We make your website to appear on page one if not on the number one spot of the search engine networks such as Google and Yahoo. The good thing about our SEO is that we will make your website appear on search engines even when people search for generic terms or services and not only when they search for your specific company name. Therefore you will be able to create new customers who may not know your name.

Image by Marvin Meyer
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