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Six things Boys need to hear from their earthly fathers to help them overcome life challenges

Article,December, 2016

Many of us believe we are simply unlovable. The wounds we have received early in life have dictated what we perceive and believe about ourselves and God. When we received these wounds it often resulted in shame and subsequent performance in an effort to gain love from those around us. However, until we are healed we will sabotage relationships subconsciously to prove what we perceive about ourselves—that we are unlovable.

Who should be responsible for community development?

Article, December,2016

Economist Adams Smith believed that in the long-term, individuals best serve public interests by pursuing their own self -interest and that the government should have little interference as possible

Economist Milton Friedman elaborated on Smith’s ideas and said that, when an organization makes a profit, it is being socially responsible, Friedman believed that diverting organizations from the pursuit of profit makes the economy of a country less efficient, According to him; the private organizations should not take responsibility belonging to the government.



Resourcing Families

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