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Transforming Lives Through Soccer

My life was significantly impacted after I launched my recent book titled “Daddy Please Come Home”. Coming back home and getting involved with my family made me connect with some of my long lost passions and hobbies. One of them was soccer. When I was young I played for Arcadia Shepherd Football Academy and was exposed to a lot of experience in soccer and when I made a commitment to ministry, I stopped playing soccer. I spent most of my time doing ministry and business.

Moving to LIV Village in 2019 was one of the most transformational moment. I reconnected with my passion for soccer, and started coaching the under 15/ 17 and 19 teams for the  LIV United Football Academy. Not only did I coach LIV United boys, but I also assisted at the Supersport United Soccer School - Durban.


In 2020 we launched our 'Coaching for Legacy - Children & Youth Soccer programme' and through it we have been able to deploy a number of Coach Educators and Trainers to work with Early childhood centers, Primary and High schools. The focus is on ages between '4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-19 and 19-21' years old . We host weekly training sessions, camps, tournaments and tours for children. All of this is not just about teaching children soccer. Our philosophy is simple “We coach these children and young stars not only to win games but to also win in their lives on and off the field”. 

As the Daddy's Home Education Team, we are privileged to have Coaches who understand children and are patient in helping these children and young stars towards achieving their full potential on and off the field.  We also support grassroot level soccer teams, community teams and school groups. We have a huge role in encouraging underrepresented groups of children to participate in grassroot soccer activities. Our coaches are able to identify the unique needs of different groups , an then put together a suitable training programmes. Whatever the context, our coaching involves developing the children's physical and psychological fitness and provides the best possible practical conditions in order to maximize their performance.

It is very comforting to know that across the world, in villages and cities, people speak different languages and follow different religions –However, we see them appreciate the power of sport to transform lives. We see people who innately put others first and who find their fulfilment in helping others. People who find joy and energy in giving of themselves to lift people up and enrich other’s lives, tend to accomplish more in life, because our lives net-value, is not measured by how long we live, but by the meaningful contribution and sacrifices we make towards others.

If you would like us to work closely with your children soccer groups, youth community groups and church soccer groups who are passionate about soccer and want to win on the field and in life, kindly contact us on

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